Pantry Organization

When we were last discussing the kitchen, I was bemoaning the lack of storage and the extra number of steps that it takes to walk back and forth to the pantry (which is located off of the breakfast room). 

First world problems, I haz them.

Anyway, I thought I would share a couple of photos to give you a sense of what we're working with. Here's the view from the doorway. (To orient yourself, picture yourself standing with your back to the breakfast room, with the kitchen off towards your right.)

2014-03-10 13.30.13.jpg

Yeah, it's not that impressive, right? Certainly not very "manorly". But let your eyes drift to the right and marvel at the sight which greets you!

Behold, the shelves of wonder.

2014-03-10 13.30.02.jpg

We were lucky that the previous owner left the shelving -- otherwise we would have food and appliances piled waist-deep in that little room. There's even room for the dog food and an obscene number of aprons.

For now, it works. But in the future....?

I'm still mulling over options for making it easier to get food back-and-forth to the kitchen. I think that some kind of cart is definitely in order. But it needs to be 1) cute, 2) budget-friendly, and 3) very sturdy. That last one is key since there is a sizable lip between the breakfast room (with hardwood floors) and the kitchen (with concrete floors) and I don't want things falling all over the place as the cart jounces over the threshold. Ideas? Suggestions? Leave them in the comments.