Cleaning a Manor

When we quadrupled the size of our home, we also quadrupled the amount of cleaning that had to be done. 

No thank you.

Fortunately, the lower cost of living here means that we have the budget to get some professional help. It's still so bizarre to me that we can get things at a fraction of the cost of the "usual" price -- but I will definitely take what I can get.

 That's a lot of spindles to dust.

That's a lot of spindles to dust.

The cleaning team came yesterday and it was marvelous. At least until today, when we tracked snow and mud all over the hardwood floors.

I fear this is a losing battle.

At least the tumbleweeds of dog hair have been vanquished, the bathrooms are shiny, and new sheets are on the bed. Tonight I will enjoy a spotless kitchen and spend some time looking for the perfect mat to sit just inside the front door.