Family and Friends

The parade of family and friends has begun, and I couldn't be happier. My parents were here two weeks ago and were instrumental in getting us unpacked on the main floors (don't ask about the basement), and last weekend we had a visit from Bill's cousin and his partner.

So. Much. Fun.

We walked to the park. We went to the local independent bookstore. We broke out the Bloody Marys and margaritas after the kids went to bed. We enjoyed birthday cake one night and cupcakes another. 

The kids love giving tours of the new house. They go something like this:

"This is a mirror. This is a doorknob. This is my carpet. This is a Lego. That is the cat. Her name is Emmie. This is an empty room. You can exercise in it if you want."

Do I need to mention that no one exercised this weekend? I thought not.

And while we were very sad to see them go, I've put the uncles on a strict every-six-weeks visit schedule. Now I just need to fill in the rest of the calendar. Family and friends, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and get on the schedule!