Big Bed, Tiny Girl

Rather than jump from the toddler crib to a twin bed, we went all out. Or rather, Bill's parents did. They bought a full size antique four-poster canopy bed for Sarah's birthday, and we finally got around to putting it up in her room.

It's massive.

The photos below don't do the size of the bed justice -- it almost scrapes the overhead fan, and when we originally set it up catty-corner on the other side of the room it took up at least 1/3 of the floor space. She is just a tiny lump in the bed during nap time.

Fortunately, there was exactly the right amount of space to wedge it into the nook on the far side of the room. (There is less than a quarter inch of space on either side of the bed.) It overlaps the window, but is much less overwhelming. Plus, she can only fall off one side now.

2014-04-20 15.32.10.jpg

At some point, we'll upgrade the tiny dresser to a more formal version -- maybe another antique piece that we can refinish? Oh, and a bookshelf. And maybe a better lamp.

We'll also get a proper set of steps so that she can get into bed at night without having to scale the industrial step stool. Also on the list is a detachable bed skirt -- right now there is no easy way to cover up the gaping hole underneath the bed. I'm thinking that some combination of command hooks and velcro will do the trick. 

Don't command hooks and velcro *always* do the trick?

She would probably love for me to put some frilly fabric over the canopy and down the sides. At the moment, however, all I can think of is the cat climbing up the tulle and getting caught in the canopy. Then all hell would break loose as we tried to free her from her fabric bondage, and we'd have to remove the entire thing to prevent a nightly recurrence.

For now, the cat will just have to stay on the bed proper.

2014-04-20 15.33.44.jpg