Hint of the Summer to Come

It's my final day of single-parenting while Bill travels, and I needed a few minutes alone on the hammock tonight before tackling the kids' bedtime routine. 

This backyard has real potential, and my wish list is beginning to take shape:

  • An overhead fan on the second-floor balcony (to keep away the bugs)
  • A pair of comfortable Adirondack-style chairs for lounging in the evening
  • White paint on the middle part of the back fence (there's one section that's raw wood)
  • A swing attached to one of the high branches on our massive tree
  • Better lighting near the house (a different spotlight would be great)
  • Lighting around the perimeter of the fence (which would give me a better sense of security, make it easier to spot the dogs at night, and create some nice ambiance when we're entertaining in the evenings)
  • A gazebo with a comfy couch, lighting, and an overhead fan
  • Some better form of dandelion control (they are taking over like a tidal wave)
  • An updated fire pit, with circular seating and tables for s'mores
  • A pergola area with patio seating (so we can dine al fresco with some shade)
  • A gigantic table for outdoor entertaining (so when we do potluck dinners with the four families there is ample seating for all 19 of us)
  • A raised garden area as beautiful and productive as our last house

I think that the first step is to contact Bill's friend from high school, who lives about an hour away and is a professional landscaper. This backyard is so big that we need a clear master plan before we go making the small changes, to ensure that it all flows together when we invest in the big changes.