The Honeymoon Is Over

We had a leak in the attic, which the special oh-so-highly-recommended roofer evaluated. He gave us a $4,000 quote to fix the roof. And then we realized that there was no leak at all (just a stain from where something had been spilled a long time ago), and that the proposed solution was for a non-existent problem.

Cue Jennifer's angry glare.

Late last week I discovered that the garbage disposal is leaking. At first I thought it was only when I let it get overloaded, or when water pooled up into the sink, but further inspection showed that it's basically dripping whenever we run the faucet.


Then I noticed that the hot water heater in The Basement of Doom was leaking all over the basement floor. We had planned to upgrade to a tank-less hot water heater, but that process can be expensive (like, thousands of dollars expensive) so we were hoping to wait a bit before implementing it. 

Geez, this is getting ridiculous.

The plumber comes on Monday morning, and I'm gritting my teeth in preparation for the price estimates. Suddenly, the big renovation plans seem very far away. Instead, the realities of owning a gigantic old house are looming up and I see our careful nest egg for home improvements going in drips and drabs and all-too-often large checks towards stupid maintenance stuff. 

Good-bye, grandiose plans. Sniffle.

Bill wonders why I've proclaimed that we will not be using the air conditioner until after July 4th.