Summer Lovin'

The spring is the busy time of year for me at work, and things won't slow down until the beginning of July. I'm out of town for about half of the time, and that leaves Bill in charge. He's actually very good at it (although we part ways when it comes to preferred style of folding clothes), but I know he's happy when I get back -- if only because he can sleep in while I get up with the kids in the morning.

Anyway, I'm here for a week before taking back off for Toronto. And it's my turn for an update on the house. Here's 5 things that have happened.

We're moving forward with the electric heat pump water heater.

That's right, option #3. Yawn. This does not interest me in the least, except that in a couple of weeks we will no longer have water leaking all over the basement. I'm sure Bill will jump in with photos and all of the details once the parts arrive (it is a special order). 

The stovetop is broken.

Sigh, the front right burner is non-functional. Yes, there are three additional burners, but come on! 

The dishwasher is leaking.

Yep, the fun just doesn't stop. And not a little leak -- imagine buckets of water pouring out all over the floor. I think it's just a loose seal (I jammed the rubber strip back into place and that seemed to solve the problem for the rest of the cycle, but I'm not holding my breath.)

The internet won't reach our bedroom, and is only working intermittently in my office and craft room.

We have what seems like dozens of signal boosters and modems and internet paraphernalia positioned around the house, but it's not enough. Bill has to go downstairs and camp out in the breakfast room when he has internet-intensive tasks to complete. Nothing says "I successfully work from home" like a card table set up in an empty corner of the house. 

I finally got new office space.

When we moved, I had to give up my very lovely, very functional office. Beginning three days ago, I have new office space -- just two miles from home. It's perfectly located, right downtown near the water and only a block from the main drag with restaurants, the farmer's market, and a cute coffee shop. Internet is being installed this week and I hope by Friday to be permanently installed there.

Of course, it does come with some drawbacks. 

 Yes, those are two baby opossums. And yes, they appear to live in the window well next to my desk. 

Yes, those are two baby opossums. And yes, they appear to live in the window well next to my desk. 

What will the next few weeks hold? Will I call animal control to have the vermin removed, or will I learn to love my marsupial friends? Will Bill have to take a night shift position at the local gas station to pay for our new water heater? Do the stove top and dishwasher malfunctions mean that I win the contest for most-prioritized major renovation project?