Unfinished Business

Our first foray into new paint at The Manor is underway! So far, I've spent eight hours, two gallons, and $75 on the guest room. And it looks like the project is only about 2/3 done. 


Also: that Valapar HydroChroma paint that's extra expensive but supposed to be a dramatic improvement, promising primer and paint in one with only one coat necessary? Hogwash. It definitely took two coats. Which is why Bill is at Lowes right this very instant buying a third gallon.  


The color we chose is a bright and airy minty color that looks green in the morning and blue in the afternoon. I love it. 


The extra tall ceilings have presented a problem, though. I did the first coat of cutting in, but left the rest to Bill.


I'm leaving in the morning for a four-day trip to the city and he'll have that time to finish the painting, upgrade the electrical outlets, and get the furniture back in place before I arrive back with the kids on Sunday. On Monday, my sister and two nieces arrive for a week's visit with us, so the pressure is on.