Over the weekend, Bill and I went to Lowes. At our last house, a weekly trip to Home Depot and/or Lowes was de rigueur, but I had so far managed to avoid getting sucked into DIY land until now.

Our primary goal was to pick up some paint samples for the guest room, which is currently painted a shade of "grandma blue." We're planning to tackle this room first, for reasons I will explain elsewhere, but suffice it to say that we need some new paint on the walls ASAP.

I like the idea of have a "whole house palette" that works cohesively together. In our last house, we did each room up separately, and while I loved the finished product it could be a bit jarring to walk down the hallway and be confronted by radically different colors and styles from room to room.

Bill was on board with the idea of choosing a handful of colors that would generally repeat throughout the house, although not necessarily on the walls -- we envision that furniture, pillows, and accessories will provide most of the pops of bright color.

Picture Bill asking sarcastically, "but will it POP!?"

I love our high ceilings and (mostly) white walls, and want to keep the feeling of clean and airy spaciousness, regardless of the decor direction we choose. We also want to respect the history of the home, and so will work hard to keep the mill work, over-sized doors, scroll work, and other period pieces in place. At the same time, our style is definitely more modern, so I'm trying to find inspiration at the intersection of modern and historical. 


Anyway, I've been keeping a Pinterest Board called 1907 house inspiration, specifically for photos that make me believe that we can successfully find balance. Looking over it last week, I noticed that I have repeatedly been drawn to delicate hues of pink and mint, with bolder shades of coral and emerald and sapphire. I lean towards gray more than brown, and prefer colors on the cooler end of the spectrum.

Fast forward to this weekend at Lowe's and a whole bunch of paint chips. We brought them home, where I promptly put them in a drawer and forgot about them until today. I pulled them out and set them on the bed, where I immediately realized that my choices leaned towards what we already had in the house: our duvet cover. 



I've whittled the stack down to my favorites. Unfortunately, the photos don't quite capture the nuance of the paint chips, but I think they are a pretty good approximation. The green swatch is definitely more on the minty side (at the top) and there are bold emerald, lemongrass, coral colors that are mostly cut off at the bottom. 


I still need to run this final choice by Bill, but to date he's been pretty accommodating. (Anyone remember the pumpkin orange color we painted the basement?) But now we have a problem, which is basically that we're back where we started.

What color should we paint the guest room? 

I'm thinking that Silver Spoon (top left, above) will be safe, gender-neutral, and easy to accessorize. What do you think?