The Library-Parlor-Music Room

Bill and I have quite different ideas of what "good interior decorating" looks like. He goes for 5-piece matching mission-style bedroom sets and overstuffed beige sofas with fringed cushions. I go for anything in the IKEA catalog. 

How we ended up in a 1907 neo-classical manor is anyone's guess.

Moving into this new house has left us with a bunch of empty rooms to fill. Right now the second parlor is one such area -- it's totally bare of furniture. It's also large, with a gorgeous fireplace, high ceilings, and big bright windows on two sides. 

We've been debating about what to do with this room since before we moved in. We've discussed:

  • Turning it into my office. (Nixed that idea when I got separate office space.)
  • Turning it into Bill's office. (Nixed that idea when I realized it would just be covered in papers, with Bill working on his laptop in whatever room was most temperate.)
  • Turning it into a separate guest space -- either as a living area connected with the guest bedroom, or as a separate bedroom of its own. (Nixed that idea because we wanted to keep it open to the family, at least most of the time.)

In the end, we're leaning towards turning it into a more formal parlor cum library cum music room. The idea is to have a grown-up room where there is no evidence of pets or children, so that there is always a tidy and pet-hair free spot to entertain guests. We'll keep the smaller living room across the hall for more casual living.

Eventually, we'll line the room with built-in bookshelves that run all the way to the ceiling, thus necessitating a book ladder (at which time I can die a happy and fulfilled person). We'll also put a piano in one corner, a gas insert for the fireplace to keep us toasty in the colder months, and some comfortable-yet-sophisticated furniture scattered about to impress our guests.

Sound grand, doesn't it?

While the plan will have to wait a while (likely a LONG while) to come to fruition, we took the first step in making the dream a reality by purchasing a new sofa. 

We got it from Joss & Main (now sold out) and can't wait to see it in person. It will be delivered sometime in the second half of the month, so in the meantime we can only look at the photo online and dream of an armchair to go with it.