Bill vs. the Plaster Walls

We've been at The Manor for five months now, and so far we haven't put anything on the walls. 

Well, that's not strictly true.

We've used Command Strips to hang an art pocket on Sarah's wall. And we've put up some nails to hang framed photos in the basement, where there's beadboard. And in a couple of places, we've hung up things on screws and nails left by the previous owner.

But we haven't nailed anything into any areas with plaster walls. It was just too intimidating. In fact, for a while we had hoped to use Command Strips almost exclusively throughout the house. But we tried it last weekend in our bedroom and it was a horrible disaster that left everyone quite grumpy.

Thank you, Pinterest.

I was looking desperately for some advice on how to tackle plaster walls, and came across this tutorial. It looked straightforward, so we decided to give it a try with our monogram letters. Here's how it went:

2014-08-10 12.41.38.jpg
2014-08-10 12.47.51.jpg
2014-08-10 12.52.58.jpg
2014-08-10 13.40.21.jpg
2014-08-10 12.47.38.jpg
2014-08-10 12.48.15.jpg
2014-08-10 13.25.45.jpg
2014-08-10 13.47.42.jpg

Overall, I'm calling it a success. 

The spacing on the letters in incredibly tricky, and we agree that the K is a little too far to the left. But we can live with it -- and if history is any indication (we used to have these letters hanging in our living room) after a week we won't even notice the discrepancy.

Other accomplishments this weekend:

  • Bill added felt pads to the bottoms of each chair leg in the house. We noticed that some of the chairs -- particularly our dining room chairs -- were beginning to scratch our beautiful hardwood floors. Hopefully, the felt pads will solve the problem.
  • I took a long nap on the new couch in the basement. Then I woke up, looked around, and went back to sleep for another hour. Good times.