Kivik Panic

Several weeks ago we did a big trip to IKEA. Unfortunately, everything we wanted wouldn't fit in the car. Instead, we had to order online and wait two weeks for delivery of our new couch.

We opted for the navy blue kivik, which comes--as all IKEA things do--with a variety of modular options. Here's the starting image:

It has all the things we were looking for in a couch:

  • It is modular, so we can customize it to our needs.
  • It has a dark blue option, which will hide stains better than our current microfiber gray/beige sofa.
  • It isn't tufted, which our current sofa is--which has been a major issue as the buttons have popped off and looked really sloppy.
  • It has a slipcover, which can be washed at home in our personal laundry.

Our family motto is "go big or go home" when it comes to basement sofas (if you recall, that motto has gotten us into major problems in the past), and so we've chosen the following configuration:

Start with a full-length sofa, then add an extra seat, then pop a chaise on either end.


Yes, it's going to be ginormous.

I just did a quick tally. It's going to by 16.333 feet long. That is ridiculous. Bill says it's awesome.

Basically, it's the length of a saltwater crocodile. But hopefully less deadly.

Of course, it arrived today while Bill is out of town. And of course, I want it assembled immediately. That leaves me with 500 pounds of sofa, ten boxes full of couch parts, about a billion pieces of assembling equipment like screws, brackets, and the like.

And of course, it didn't come with instructions.

What's a girl to do? Only one thing came to mind, and I implemented it immediately. I went to YouTube.

Yikes, that seems complicated.

Now it's almost 10pm and I've gotten most of the pieces out of the box, but haven't yet begun to tackle the assembly. Should I use my night-owl energy to get it done tonight? Or should I scrap it all and try again tomorrow? Or should I avoid the basement altogether and let Bill go it alone on Friday?

Tune in next time, faithful readers, for the conclusion to this thrilling saga.