The Crocodile Has Been Tamed

If you've been following along since last night's post, you know that our IKEA sofa arrived yesterday and was in need of some assembly. 

Now it's almost 10pm and I've gotten most of the pieces out of the box, but haven't yet begun to tackle the assembly. Should I use my night-owl energy to get it done tonight? Or should I scrap it all and try again tomorrow? Or should I avoid the basement altogether and let Bill go it alone on Friday?

If you know me at all, you'll know that I went for it.


And at 2:30am, it was complete. 


Except for one thing.

The extra seat component didn't fit. Alas, it didn't come with the necessary brackets to connect it to the sofa and chaise. So for now, it sits alone next to the old couch.


At least it has company -- both cats seem to prefer its solitary nature above the great expanse of navy blue in the middle of the room.

Looks good, right?

I haven't decided if we should try to jerry-rig a solution to expand the sofa with that additional piece, or if we should just leave it as-is and have the separate seat somewhere else in the basement. A reading chair, perhaps? Certainly the rug works best with the current arrangement -- we would need something bigger (maybe two identical rugs placed side-by-side?) if we add the additional three feet in length. 

Next up, dealing with the packaging and old couch.

While the sofa packaging will definitely go to the transfer station (to be properly recycled), we're still up in the air about the old sofa. We have tons of room in the basement, and the dogs love sitting on the old couch. Maybe we could just remove the gross cushions, push it up against the wall, and use it as some additional dog/kid seating?

I think that with some cleaning (I'm eager to try this option) the old couch can clean up nicely. Some of the back cushions need to be put out of their misery immediately, but otherwise it's still serviceable. For now, at least. 

Now I'm motivated to tackle the rest of the basement. 

There are plans... oh yes, there are.