Crowdsourcing a Color Scheme

I road-tested the couch today, and I'm happy to say that it is quite comfy for an afternoon nap. In fact, I did some rough calculations and have decided that Bill and I could sleep end to end with a couple of spare inches between us. Score!

But, this afternoon's nap and subsequent lounging did reveal one glaring oversight: a lack of pillows. The couch cushions are quite firm--which I love--but we definitely need a couple of pillows that are fluffy, big enough to accommodate propping up a laptop, and possible to create from my current fabric stash.

Let's start from the beginning.

We're thinking that we'll go with pretty simple, primary colors for the basement. The wall color is (and will continue to be) an ivory/beige to keep it bright, despite the lack of any natural light. The new couch anchors the space in a dark navy blue. The rug is an ivory color with geometric lines of red, yellow, gray and navy blue. 

We've also added two ottoman poufs of ivory and blue. These items came from my office upstairs (which mostly sits empty because of my new office space downtown and the utter lack of internet access in that corner of the house).

I haven't decided whether they should be permanently relocated down to the basement, or whether we should find another option -- I like the idea of poufs rather than a wood coffee table -- but maybe in something in another color? Suggestions are welcome, dear readers!

And now we get to the pillows.

We've narrowed the fabric choices down to two main options. The first option is a set of blues that coordinate with the navy color of the couch. 

The second option is a set of yellow-oranges, which contrast with the couch but coordinate in a larger sense with the rug and the intended color scheme.

Keep in mind...

Right now we have three pillow forms, but can add additional pillows later if we decide we'd like more. So once you cast your vote for Option #1 or Option #2, you also need to decide which three fabrics we should start with.

Also: while it's hard to get a really good picture in the basement (because of the aforementioned lack of natural light), Bill and I agree that these photos are a good representation of the colors and what the fabrics will look like in real life.

And now...

... your opinion, please!