Mustard Yellow FTW

When we last visited the basement, dear reader, I was embarrassed to show you the TV area. It was straight out of a frat house, with cords everywhere.

We stalled on this project for a couple of months, because we couldn't decide if we wanted to do built-in bookshelves surrounding the TV (like we did at our old house) or if we wanted to get a TV console to sit underneath the TV. 

There was also a small argument about getting a bigger TV, which I lost.

Two weeks ago I was up north in the "big city" and took the opportunity to go to IKEA. There I found the solution to our basement woes. And while it came in several muted options (gray, black, white) this time I went bold.

This console neatly captures all of our cords and seems to be an even better place for our wifi router. Plus, it looks nice.

This weekend, while we finished our top-to-bottom cleaning of the house (since our cleaning company quit a couple of weeks ago) I also took the opportunity to move the furniture around a bit. The extra seat from the couch is now catty-corner (seen above) and the kids art table is in the other corner. 

And just for good measure, here are more photos of the basement. 

You'll notice that there is now a big empty area where the art table used to be. I think that eventually we'll put a bigger game table there. But for now it gives me a nice work space to refinish some old pieces of furniture.