Happy New Year!

I'm finally catching my breath after a couple of last-minute business trips in December, and then the hustle and bustle of the holidays. The kids are with my parents for the week, so Bill and I have had several glorious days to ourselves. I had grand plans to accomplish around The Manor, but ended up mostly watching TV, taking naps, and sewing. It has been glorious.

I do have a few small updates to share in the furniture department. So let's get started.

2015-01-01 13.18.19.jpg

New Sewing Room, New Footstools, New Television

We got two new footstools for my sewing room. 

Sidenote: the sunroom in the photo used to be my office. Over the Christmas holiday we decided to take apart my office and reconstitute it as my sewing room. I wasn't using my office at all, and we wanted a second guest room upstairs. So we moved all of my sewing and craft stuff into the much-smaller sunroom and now it is a cozy nook that I love to spend time in. My only gripe is that the loveseat is a bit too short for a comfortable nap. (Not that being slightly uncomfortable stops me.)

We also got another internet booster (bringing our tally up to approximately nine thousand) so that I can stream Netflix on the new TV. With the baseboard heater on, the room is warm and toasty, with unlimited streaming movies and access to a fabric store's worth of patterns and cloth. I might never leave.

New Game Table, with Room for Eight

During one of the days the kids were gone, Bill and I took a drive around Southern Virginia to look at some of the antique stores in neighboring towns. Most of them were a huge bust (as I have no interest in creepy old dolls or in depression-era glass), but on the last stop we found a fabulous table.

We've been looking for some additional small furniture pieces to fill out the library/parlor, and this was the perfect ticket. Folded up, it looks like a small side table. With the three leaves in place, it easily fits 8 people. In fact, it's significantly bigger than our current dining room table -- which means that we'll likely pull it out for dinner parties in the near future, at least until we upgrade the dining room pieces.

(Also note: always ask if there is any flexibility on the price for estate furniture. They offered a 10% discount and I told them we'd take it for $400 (a 20% discount) and they made a quick call to the owner, who agreed to our offer.)

2015-01-01 15.16.25.jpg

New Cabinet Looking for a Home

While spending our New Years Eve partying like rock stars (read: watching movies) we happened across a charming cabinet on Craigslist. A few email exchanges and a turn of the calendar page, and it was ours! (Weirdly, it came from a house about 200 yards away from us, right around the corner. I think I might have made a new friend in the bargain!)

It's relatively shallow, but perfect for storing linens. We're still debating it's final location (hence it sitting in the middle of our second floor landing, with the obligatory cat for protection), but I think we've narrowed it down to either the new guest bedroom or directly outside the master bedroom. 

That's it for us for now. We continue to stalk Craigslist each day, looking for additional pieces to fill The Manor. And tomorrow we're going with another couple to Black Dog Salvage, a much-anticipated trip! Keep your fingers crossed that we find a dresser for a 4-year old with a penchant for markers on walls.