Porch Renovations: The Reveal

So, a couple of months ago I shared our plans to demolish an exterior staircase, restore the master bedroom balcony, and repaint the porch. (Cha-ching!)

Well, here's the update.

2015-01-01 13.46.21.jpg

No more John Deere Green Porch! I'm almost certain that it's not the original color I choose (it's much closer to the Steel color than the warmer Stone color that was our first pick), but it's grown on me over the last month. For one thing, it meets our #1 criteria: the extra grit provides enough friction to keep us all from a nasty death-by-slipping. The only downside is that you can really see the various droppings from the nesting birds in the eaves. This just happens to take place immediately adjacent to our front door, which is pretty gross. Another reason to hate birds...

... Not that I Need Any Encouragement.

While the porch color is definitely the thing I notice most often, the side of the house also looks quite different. The staircase leading from our master bedroom (on the second floor) to the porch below is now gone, and we have a complete balcony again.

And Now We Have a New Death Trap.

Eventually, the second floor balcony will have a rail around it -- similar to what you see on the main floor. We're having a bit of trouble finding railing that is period-appropriate (and buying it new is prohibitively expensive), so for now there is no railing at all. Just stay away from the edges and you'll be fine.

2015-01-01 13.34.10.jpg
2015-01-01 13.34.48.jpg

The two photos above are from the balcony. They don't do justice to the size of the space -- you could easily put a dinner party out there. But maybe not until we get the railing up.

Prefer a video version of the balcony tour? Your wish is my command.

Next Up: Swapping out a Window for a Door

With EIGHT exterior doors, you might think we are crazy for adding another one. And, in general, you are right. If anything we need to be closing up the doors.

But in this particular case, we want to take out the window (the far left one in the photo below) on the side porch and install a set of double doors that go straight to the guest suite. 

That way, guests can enter their own space directly from the front porch, without having to walk through our entry way (via the front door) or through the backyard (via one of three doors on the ground level). We think it will provide a nice bit of privacy for both us and them.

And finally, one last look at the side porch -- this view is  straight from the front of the house. You can see one of the stairways down the basement (yet another exterior door!), as well as the lovely space to set up a couple of rocking chairs. Can't you imagine sitting in the shade with a mint julep in the summer, chatting while the kids run around in the final rays of sunlight?