Air Conditioning FTW

The summer heat has been intolerable, and after a horrible mishap with the 2nd floor AC unit (in which dramatic flooding through the attic ceiling all over our beautiful wood floors revealed that the previous owner's installation job included 1) a too-small AC unit, 2) too-large duct work, and 3) incorrect installation) we finally called in some experts to install a wall unit in the dining room. 

Installation took half a day and the unit keeps or dining room and living room dry and cool, and does a decent job of making the kitchen--if not cool--at least comfortable.

The installers even cleaned up some of the wiring on the outside of the house when they placed the AC unit, which made me very happy.

It's a glorious change from the 85+ degree misery of a few weeks ago, although the upstairs is still kind of awful. We're still debating whether to fix the totally inadequate system already in place, or to go for another wall unit.

In the meantime, Bill did cave to my incessant nagging and install a small window unit in my sewing room. Hurray! That, combined with the new TiVo Mini that he installed (which gives me perfect access to cable, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video) has significantly increased the amount of time I spend in that room. 

Of course, getting 11 kittens from the local Humane Society also had an impact. We committed to keeping them until they were big enough to be adopted. Six of them tipped the scales after two weeks, and we're most of the way through a second 2 week period. They are so cute, and stuck a great excuse to nap in front of the TV.