Quick Fixes

The backyard and porch projects have eaten up almost all of our "Make The Manor Perfect, or at Least Structurally Sound" budget so for the next few months we'll be focused on smaller things. Here's my current list:

Better lighting.

Almost every room in The Manor needs better lighting, but I'm going to focus on the kitchen, the master bedroom, and my sewing room. With winter's early sunsets fast approaching, these are the places I most want to brighten in the evenings.  

Wall art. 

It's been 18 months since we moved in and while I'm still terrified of the plaster walls, it's time to move past the fear. I'd like to start a gallery wall in the entryway, as well as get a few things up in the guest room.

Painting the barn and storage buildings. 

Okay, this one is actually a job I'm saving for Bill. Although I'd my goal is to get the job done by winter I might have to get out there and help. Ideally I want ask of the outbuildings to be blue with white trim. The first task is finishing the trim on the chicken coop and fence to make sure that were on the right track. (The Tiffany Blue is currently looking VERY bright but Bill will kill me if I change my mind. So I need to be sure before risking my life with another set of color swatches. 

Seeding the stable area.

We had to get our house appraised for some paperwork last month, and the appraisal assistant was from Kenya. As we were walking around the yard, she mentioned that the stable area looked like the backyards in rural Kenya, with chickens and goats running freely around. She meant it nostalgically, but when she said the words "with lots of scrub" I realized that we needed to reseed the area.

The vision was a continuation of the backyard, with regular grass (and the occasional weed, sure). Instead, we have a partially seeded area that is pretty rocky and filled with weeds that are approaching my waist. The goats are shirking their "eat anything and keep down the brush" responsibilities, so it's imperative that we get this problem under control before next spring.

Unfortunately, we'll probably have to keep the chickens locked up in their run for a couple of weeks to give the seeds a chance to root and grow before the seeds are set upon as tasty morsels. I am normally against restricting their space, but if it means a more aesthetically pleasing yard, lock 'em up.

Things we will not be doing: 

  • Anything more to Sarah's room, until she learns some self control and stops writing on the walls and furniture (including the antique dresser I bought and painted for her -- yes, she is lucky to still be alive and kicking). Her brother went through a similar phase at the same age that seemed to last about a year. Maybe next fall we can revisit painting the walls, recovering the armchair, replacing the carpet, and restaining the bedframe.
  • Dealing with the heating situation. After dealing with the frigid temperatures in The Manor (particularly the kitchen)last winter I would have sworn in my life that we'd have a proper heating solution in place by this October. (Probably gas fireplace inserts in some of the existing fireplaces, which were designed for coal.) But the price tag is pretty steep and we've blown or budget on other stuff. So instead I'll probably just wrap myself in blankets and drag a couple space heaters around with me. 
  • Fixing the columns out front. While this is soon going to become a serious problem, the $50,000 to $60,000 it's going to cost to completely replace the rotting columns just isn't practical right now. We'll probably aim to replace one each year (starting with the one in the worst shape) and spread the project out over four years. Keeping our fingers crossed that they continue to hold up until we can get to them. ##loadbearing 

So, dear reader, what home improvement projects are you planning to tackle over the winter? Any particular projects that gives you nightmares? I have a recurring dream where I'm standing on the front porch watching the columns disintegrate before my eyes, but am helpless to move before they squash me like a bug. Good times.