Spring Comes to The Manor

Despite a couple of freezing nights this week, I think it's safe to announce that Spring Is Here. We had the lawn mowed for the first time this year and it's amazing how much consistent grass height does for the overall appearance of the backyard.

Don't get me wrong, if you look closely there is still a bunch of winter crap we need to address. The picnic table and chairs have accelerated their rusting, and the umbrella has gotten the goats' attention and not in a good way. They've thoroughly enjoyed hopping over it, kicking it, chewing on it, and head-butting each other on it. Good times.

Bill took advantage of one of my business trips in February to have the giant tree cut down without my input. Why the stump is sticking 6 feet off the ground is a mystery to me, but I'm not in a mental place to have a rational discussion of how to deal with the remaining eyesore. 

The animals are SO HAPPY that we're getting more sunshine and longer days. They bask in the sun and follow us around making contented noises (and sometimes sneezing).


Our chicken production is also back up, after a few weeks of getting just a couple of eggs a day. The ladies have stopped molting (it was a little gross) and we're now collecting 7-9 eggs each night.

If I had to prioritize future improvements, here is what I wish the backyard fairy would do:

  1. Install a lattice fence/guard around the guest room A/C unit, since the goats have now chewed through the sensor TWICE. 
  2. Fix the chicken coop (the metal guard on the nesting boxes has come partially undone and is hanging by a thread) and finish painting it.
  3. Install gutters on the barn to direct runoff away and prevent "swampland" problems around the building perimeter.
  4. Paint the barn to match the chicken coop, and install flower boxes.
  5. Get rid of the tree stump. (I tried lighting it on fire. It didn't work.)
  6. Spray paint the picnic table and chairs (color TBD), and find a place to set them up so that we're not sitting directly in the grass.
  7. Hire a designer to create a master plan (gazebo? pathway from backyard to stable yard?)
  8. Fix the back porch, which is now a mix of levels, wood color, and functionality.

Sadly, I don't have a backyard fairy, so we'll just have to see what Bill tackles over the next few months.